Author Topic: Substance Pack Materials  (Read 819 times)

Hi, I just bought the substance pack in this sale, which for me was a fantastic offer! Pretty grateful about that, although I just figured that I can only download free materials in substance source.

I think it would be a great idea to include maybe some credits to download some materials, that would be pretty cool, since we're putting the money forward which gives you more liquidity (financially speaking). No complains whatsoever, it would just be cooler.

Also I don't know if you could help me to download the Glossy Vinyl material from MAT's contest because I was very dumb and deleted the file while I was cleaning my desktop's files XD. And since I downloaded the pack from substance share, it was not saved on My Downloads section. My entry was a pinky camouflaged Mat.

Thanks again, and I like to congratulate you for developing such cool software that I know it will ease my workflow and learning curve. Keep the good work!

Hey, thanks for the suggestion (I'll share your feedback with the team, but that's not in the plans).

For the liquidity argument, it's may be surprising, but monthly payments are financially speaking "healthier" for us, as it's more regular through the year.

For your last point, could you send us an email?

Thanks ;)

Yep, I was pretty much thinking about that afterwards, either way it would be dope to maybe sell a credit pack or something for the people that already have the complete license. That may work too, cheers Vincent.