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Hey guys,

I´ve got several modular individual corridor wall pieces and I would like to cut horizontal panel lines at the top and bottom of the modular pieces. How yould I line them up so that the cuts (lines) are at the same position?   

Hey, could you send a secreenshot, so we can get a better idea?

Yes, I wasn´t very clear about my problem, sorry. In this case I have two modular pieces (different design) with individual textures. I want to have my panel cut lines at the same position on both modular pieces. Both have different uv layouts.  How would I line up the panel cut lines so that they match?

Hello Metro,

i would try it in three different ways:

a) export both, side by side with two different materials, import them and make the cut on material A (mesh A), then material B (mesh B) using camera mapping. It's not perfect but should work.

b) even if the modular pieces got different designs, it seems that these are pretty similar. If the parts that needs the cut are using the same UV space (on two different UV's), you may just make a new layer - place the cut and then copy that layer to the other object.

c) If you create modular pieces, use one base where you can add cuts etc and then just add greebles/nurnies on top of it to make it individual

Is it possible to paint on two different material sets at once? Searching for this function for quite some time to paint some grunch/AO on multiple pieces with multiple material sets - similar technique Metronomus needs for his cutting.

nope, it's not (yet) possible to paint 2 textureSets at once.

if the 2 pieces are the same height, you could imagine the position additional map to place the horizontal stripes (which may be a bit tricky...
Anyway I'll share this with my colleagues, to see if someone comes with a better idea.

Thanks a lot, guys. I was also thinking about the method (a) you are talking about, Kajisan, and will give it a try. Bit of a shame you can´t paint over multiple texture sets at the moment, but I´m quite sure this will happen someday :-) .