Author Topic: [HELP ]How can I make the effect of an infinity mirror  (Read 2298 times)

Can anyone tell me how to make the effect of infinity in Substance Painter?
Here is an example
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This is a vague question, substance painter/designer arent really shader editors and it really depends on what game engine/software you're aiming for as to what shader language you'll need to make such an effect. Where are you trying to achieve this?


About a month ago I made a quick one in Modo using the materials available there. As Matty said it's not something you would really make in Substance. Keep in mind there are probably much better approaches and results than mine, but I was able to achieve the infinity mirror with the below.

When I made mine I just built it like you would build an actual infinity mirror. I made a quick box, put a plane inside the box with a mirror surface facing the camera. Then placed a plane near the top with a mirror surface facing inside the box, and place a new plane on top for the glass top.

I'm sure there is an easier way, but building it similar to real life worked for me. You would adjust the distance between the 2 mirrors to effect the spacing between the lights, and other than that you just tweak your emissive settings and mirror reflectivity settings till you like the results.