Author Topic: Holographic Weapon Sight with Magnifier  (Read 1828 times)


This is my latest model of an Holographic Sight with a Magnifier.

After recently modeling this AR15 I felt it need some attachments to go along with it.
So I went ahead and started working on them and I just recently finished modeling them!

I would like to give a big Thanks to Substance Painter for being such a flexible software to texture these models with ease and nice looking results!

See more here:

Feel free to give me any feedback on how it looks and if it may need any improvements!

Thanks!  :)
- Cohen

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Nice model ;)

Thanks! :)

I love it, this weapon looks awesome, it would be nice to have one for real. I have always loved weapons and that is why I had to have the best available ones. The thing is, you need to have all the best equipment to go with your rifle. For example, rifle scopes have evolved a lot, and you can put them on any gun you want to. The new ATN scope would be an awesome addition to the model you have made. It would make it look better and be better to shoot with.