Author Topic: How to upgrade a Painter 2.6 to 2017 with the 50$ upgrade discount ?  (Read 2408 times)


i'm owner of substance Designer 6 and Painter 2 indie license (No Subscription).

And i've notice that i can install and use Designer 2017 and get the free license (probably because i've upgraded designer recently on 15/02/2017), there is no license or software line for Painter 2017 in my account license page.

Is that normal ?

If not how can i update Painter also to 2017 release ? Actually if i go to my account page and click on Download/Buy and then Indie License. And click on If you have Substance Painter 1.x, upgrade for 50$ (instead of $75). (i got the 2.6)

It goes to that page,, so i can't find any 50$ upgrade possibility.

As i don't want to miss the 50$ upgrade till the end of the month. what can i do ?

best regards, Franck


Please contact us on the contact form so we can help you :)

Head of Product Management

yes, thanks Nicolas, i've got a reply from you already, but i've sent to you screenshots of my account page.

Please have a look.