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Do I delete the current version (2017.1) then install the 2017.2 update? Do I open 2017.1 and run the upgrade from within the program? Do I run the upgrade.exe from my desktop without uninstalling the previous version?

I've done a search of this site as well as a general Google search - to no avail. I just need a txt file with instructions...between Zbrush, Substance, KeyShot and Marmoset updating it's hard to keep track of which method to use.

I've kinda been wondering the same thing. I downloaded 2017.2 yesterday but haven't tried installing yet.

1: will both versions be installed or will it just update previous version
2: will it mess up my layout and settings

I don't save a lot of fancy layouts and stuff.  (I find it easier to stick close to the default layout because then my screen matches what I see on tutorials, especially since I don't get to spend a lot of time with Painter.)

Having said that...

Just install the new version.  No need to remove the older one.  I'm 99% certain it just updates the new program files, but your "shelf" and any customizations should carry forward just fine.  I've never noticed anything missing.

I habitually download and save the installation files on my computer (disk space is cheap).  That makes it easy to roll back by reinstalling an older version if I ever need to.

(P.S.  When you update Designer, it detects your previous version and asks if you and to delete it, and I say "Yes" to that.)
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I ended up just going for it and running the 2017.2.exe. From what I can tell, it just updates 2017.1 to 2017.2. Didn't seem to mess up my layout and settings. Didn't have to re-activate software either.

@ CWR63, just run the updated.exe and your good to go.