Author Topic: stupid question about texture resolution/ SD use  (Read 1877 times)

I'm thinking about getting the commercial version of substance designer and have a question that might be a bit stupid and probably has been asked before. It's concerning the fact that the maximum resolution for textures in substance designer (and as it seems also in substance painter) seems to be 2048x2048 pixels.

Whats up with that? Maybe someone can explain.

I assume that, don't laugh, substance designer is aimed exclusively at texturing game assets? Its not about texturing highly detailed assets that can be used e.g. in feature films (or for TV commercials in my case)? Can it work with and output textures with a resolution of 4096x4096 pixels or higher?

Can substance designer handle models with multiple UV tiles? When I take a look at tutorial videos they always seem to work with one single texture and one single UV tile.

The max texture size in SD is 4096, you may have to set that setting in the preferences as it is locked to 2048 by default.
You can then work on objects that have multiple materials assigned to them, not multiple UVs.
But if you affect 1 material per UV tile in your DCC app before exporting your mesh, you will be able to have a different texture set on each tile.