Author Topic: 2017 - Textures no longer saving in layers  (Read 1471 times)

I have just updated to 2017.02 and now I am finding that SP will not retain textures in the layers. This has never happened with previous versions. When I first opened a project I had saved under a previous version many of the textures seemed to have been removed from the layers (red cross in it's place). I thought maybe because it's a new version I have to reimport/reload the textures. So I did this and saved textures for current session like I always have done.

However when selecting a surface in the TextureSetList a texture would disappear again from the layers and there would be a whole load of code appearing in the log as follows:

[EngineBitmapLoad] Failed to decode bitmap.
resource://shelf/[name of texture resource here]

So I tried reimporting the textures but saving for the current project, then applying them again to layers and then re-saving the project. But the same problem is still happening  - textures being removed from the layers and the same errors in the log.

Please can someone advise what the problem might be and solution - this is making working in SP impossible :(  I have never had any problems with SP in previous versions.
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Hi, the log you sent was exported from the 2.6.1 build it seems and not the 2017.2 build.

Not sure how that happened :-[ I tried closing and reopening a few times so I might have accidentally opened an older version. Either way I was using the older version from the beginning of my project and didn't have an issue. Could it be because two versions were installed maybe?

Anyway, I re-downloaded and resintalled the latest version and that seems to have done the trick, so problem solved :) I guess I might have had a corrupt download.

Thanks for the quick reply Jeremie!:)