Author Topic: Baked Light for very old games  (Read 665 times)

Hello, I'm making the textures for a model that will be used in a Half Life mod (yeah pretty old), i'm very new to Substance products as I've started to use them yesterday, but i'm still quite dubious of my texture work for it.

I've read about using the Bake Light filter to have a "fake light" setting (for obvious reasons) and export the textures in a pre complete condition, but I didn't like the results into my pistol slide and bullet, since half of the detail is color and half is the lightining, it's it better to me to use Photoshop for that part? Or is there an alternative? I was thinking of using the complete set of textures into the maya and see if I can get the full baked result.

The Frame on the other hand, seems good with it, as it's a polymer like material with emboss.

Hey, could you post a screenshot so we can get a better idea?
you could use the bake light filter as a first pass then overpaint on it.
That said for object that are supposed to be animated, you want to be very subtle with baked linghting, as there may be situations where the baked lighting does not fit with the expected one.

Sorry for the late reply, anyway, as I got used to the software i've got better results, but i'll try your hint, it just happens that now it doesn't look good with Pure Iron objects.