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Is there a way on painter to use an ID mask to use it for mask shaders ?
Like in Quixel.

I'm not sure which kind of workflow would privilege the use of color masks: as Substance Painter works with layers, makes more sense to me to use greyscale masks instead of ID masks.
From what I can understand so far, SP approach would be to layer down single layers of material (with fill layers) and mask them with a b/n mask.
But I could have misunderstood what you mean, so please feel free to make an example of how you would use it.
Anyway, in case you want to just assign an ID mask to the current layer mask, I believe it is possible to quickly create a substance effect trough Substance Designer :)

EDIT: actually, SP already has a mask by ID effect.
It is called "ID selector", and it is inside the Effects Tab.
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Indeed it's available !! Great !

Thx ;)

The current ID picker is a placeholder and an actual feature is coming up very soon to address that workflow.