Author Topic: Can we have export transparent maps given there NO merge option  (Read 1730 times)

Kia ora

I just wasted a load of time reading about the merge texture set issue only to find it scraped, sad, really sad.

Can we at least have transparent maps I make sure I have the UV's for parts place on the UV space so the don't overlap
that way I don't have to fight with substance to make ID's that don't work the cloth, metal leather etc is a separate mesh for easy of painting, if the texture outputs where transparent ( no background ) I could drop the layer into a single texture to place on the original model that I have left unchanged to save braking rigging and the like, so I still have to mess about cropping out backgrounds and merging layers because this process was dropped.

The changes you made to help with hiding mesh's STILL does NOT help those who need to merge for other reasons

Kia ora

Ok so I read this (Topic: About "merging texture sets" at export : here are our plans) and that's no dout why the staff ignored me so far

I'm still wondering if there is a way to simply remove the background at export, dure we still have to re load in PS and hand merge, BUT if the user is a little smart about laying out UV he can place things so they DON'T fall in the same UV space, it's then much simpler to merge the layers into one map because the cutting of all the extra stuff in not needed. This to me is still non destructive because it's a check box at export that does the cutting at export leaving the project in tack