Author Topic: When re-opening a saved file, Nodes are flat color and 0x0  (Read 1467 times)

Hi guys,

When I work in allegorithmic on my desktop everything is perfectly fine. But when I safe it and re-open the file later on my desktop or laptop, things get messed up. Whenever I make changes in the graph like breaking a connection or dragging in nodes or images from my package, the nodes in my graph turn to a flat color and a 0x0 size. Double clicking them now shows a blank node in the 2d view. I tried using F5 but this just turned every single node to a flat color and 0x0 size. This is extremely frustrating since I can't figure out what's causing it and it makes allegorithmic practically unusable for me.

Anyone know a solution? This really ruins my allegorithmic experience so help would be greatly appreciated. Both my desktop and laptop are relatively new and powerful so I don't think that's the issue.

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Could you try switching the generation engine ? (Tools>Switch Engine)
If it's not already the case, try SSE2 or DirectX10.

I've just recently run into this problem, I've not seen it in Substance designer 6 on this same machine, but now it happens a lot. Nodes will just decide to become "0x0 - ??" and I don't know why. If i delete the node and drop in a new node of the same type and re-connect the connections to other nodes it works again.

Switching engine from d3d10 to sse2 and back will then let me double click the nodes and they will refresh back to normal. But as I keep working, when i plug in a connection the node becomes blank and "0x0 - ??"