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I download a substance off of sub source, and in Unity I noticed that it has some toggles that can hide/show a full group.

In the image when I hit the check boxes it will as you know hide or show it.

Just wondering how can I do this?

Hey in Substance Designer Input parameters, you have a group setting: if you fill it, it will place your parameter intot a group (with the name you chose)

Thank you, but I actually already know that.

In this substance, see how it is Advance Parameters/Discolor. If I uncheck the Discolor toggle under Advanced Parameters that whole section wont be visible, and if I check lets say Moss, it will display Advance Parameters/Moss.

Here is another picture. As you can see the Discolor is not just shrunk, its completely disappeared, and the moss is now visible.

With Enums (int1 dropdown box), you can put a slash in the value parameters to group them together. I thought it would be similar to this but nothing seems to happen when I put a slash in the Group parameter.

I know the Visible If can hide parameters, but I thought I read in the docs that it will only be in substance designer and not after you export, but it still doesn't explain how I can hide a whole group at the same time.

Figured it out, apparently you just do a visible if for every parameter in the group.

The documentation on this page is wrong, says visible if's only work in substance designer where it says this.

Those conditions work only for graph instances, and only in Substance Designer. They don't work once the substance is published, and don't work in Substance integrations as a consequence.