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I am just curious if anyone is working on a plug-in that will all everyone that has a 3dconnexion's space mouse to be able to use it in Painter and Designer, it would be REALLY helpful, and you know it. I am more than willing to work on such plug-in, just takes time to get the Dev kit from 3dconnexions.

Last I heard, work on this feature was 'started' (for Painter, at least).

I'd be keen on an ETA, please.   :)


A Space Mouse makes it so much easier to navigate 3D space. Would be great to see it supported in Painter.  :)


Working without a 3D mouse is like trying to hold something in one hand while painting it with the same hand!

My brain goes Does Not Compute when faced with such a task.

For now I have navigation keys programmed into a gaming keyboard so I can navigate with my left hand -unbolloxes up my brain somewhat.
Sadly the same trick doesn't work in Zbrush, with the result that I never got past the free demo.



asked, when SP was on beta
but still no support (((

heavily need 3d mouse support


I am bumping this because we SHOULD have this. Over 4 years on request list...hundreds of posts about this on various sites, ..which I assume are only 10-20% of the users who want it.
Ok, so I have access to the 3D Connexion SDK, a couple/few years now iirc.
-- MAYBE we can slop some tests together.. I just lack all kinds of any time. :/
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