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I am a novice, so I am probably doing something stupid. I am trying to take PBR maps exported from Substance Painter and plugging them into PBR MDL node in substance designer to create an MDL file to use in Project Felix. Looks great in the 3D viewer once I have the maps plugged in, see attachment, but when I try to export the MDL file it gives me error and export failed box (also see attachment). Also attached are the two sbs files for the graph.

Thanks for any help you can give.

So is this a bug, or did I do something stupid?

Hi figster1962,

MDL export is a little bit complicate.
The fact that your project perfectly works in Designer doesn't mean that will be able to export your MDL module.
First can you tell me which version of Designer you use ?

I have downloaded your project but all ressources are missing.
Can you re-upload your project including resources please ?

Thanks !
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Thanks for looking into this, here are the sbs files with embedded dependencies  and the model in FBX  I am using Substance Designer 2017.1.1 build 354

I tested you files.
This a bug, you can't export a MDL module when have texture nodes before an exposed node.
We will fix this as soon as possible.

Unfortunately there is no workaround to avoid that until we've fixed it
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OK, thanks, lol... surprised it wasn't something I was doing stupid. 'Preciate you.