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I get extremely grainy normal maps exported from Substance designer 6.0.0. Please see the image below from the viewer in Marmoset 2:

And here is the render from the OpenGL viewer in Substance:

I even just plugged a shape set to the bell shape right into the normal map node which then goes into my material node and it still give me the Marmoset grainy maps.

When I open the normal in photoshop and do a levels to condense everything, it shows me all the little grains in the normal, but it is suposed to be buttery smooth.

Any ideas on this issue? If you need more info please let me know.

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Are the nodes that create your normal set to 16bit, and are you exporting the normalmap at 16 bit?

It should not show up on relatively smooth shapes like this, but it would be my first thing to test.

Thanks for your reply mvijfwinkel,

I switched the base parameter output to 16 bits per channel, it shows up still, I then also switched every node to 16 bit just in case, and it still shows up noisey.

Still looking for why this may be happening.

From Marmoset:

From Substance:

Substance Base Parameters:

Quick update

This issue also appears in unreal 4.13.

I also have tried detaching each output and made the material all flat colors, and the issue still persists. Also, i have updated to the latest version of substance and the issue is still there.

My next idea is to try psd export then export from photoshop and see what happens.

In regards to other substances. I have used the substance plugin for UE4 and textures display properly in unreal this way.

I will keep posting updates until I find the answer, if anyone has any other ideas please let me know.


So after much headache I have limited the issue down to SD exporting maps. For some reason, when I export a normal out of substance, even just a flat normal color with no information, it comes out noisey. Here is the proof!

Flat color normal export from Substance from brand new file

Export from Substance as TGA, opened In Photohosp, no levels adjustment

Export from Substance as TGA, opened In Photoshop, with levels adjustment

Export from Substance to PSD opened In Photoshop, with levels adjustment

It almost seems like the exporting for normal maps is having some issues during export.

This also is apparent in the roughness map when I directly export from SD. But when I PSD export, it seems to eliminate the problem.

Export from SD Directly to TGA

Export from SD to PSD

Any advice on what may need to change to fix this issue?

I tried a little bit and it looks like the problem lies with a 16bit Targa file. I've thrown a couple exports in Nuke and denoised them to see what artefacts I end up with so here are some images. Strangely enough for me 8bit Targa doesn't carry the noise, but it does for you.

EXR 16bit

Targa 16bit

Targa 8bit
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