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As somebody that messes around with 3d as a hobby and doesn't make any money off of it, which license would I need? I see there is a sale on the indie license. I'm downloading the substance painter trial to make sure my computer will run it. If I decide to buy, can I "activate" the trial version? Is it also a one time purchase?


You have 2 offers:
- monthly payment for $19.90 per month: it gives you access to all the software and to Substance Source, as long as you are subscribed
- perpetual license + 12 months maintenance for $149 ($99 during the sales): you own the license, and you get 12 months of updates (like a one time purchase)

Whatever you chose, you can activate the trial version once you own a license, by going in Help->Manage license.

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After some debating I ended up purchasing the Substance Indie Pack. What does (Infinite Release) mean on Designer? Designer shows "Substance Designer 2017.1.0 (Infinite Release)". Substance Painter just shows "Substance Painter 2017.1.0". Does it have to do with me using the trial and then activating the license on Painter. Both programs I used the account method for activating license.