Author Topic: Free Materials counting as Monthly downloads (SOLVED)  (Read 2097 times)

Hi, I saw that the free substances now can only be downloaded if you're subscriber. Fine, I loaded substance painter, opened from there and started downloading the new free ones that I didn't have yet, and when I already had downloaded four or so, I saw, that my remaining downloads where dropping with each "free" download.

What's the problem here?
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Hi, if you look at your account points on Substance Source (or if you logout in Substance Painter, then log in again), you'll notice you have the correct amount of points.

It means your account still have the correct amount of points but we indeed have a bug in Substance Painter (thanks for the report) were one point is automatically deduced in the UI when downloading one asset, even if this one is free (and even if the point is not "really" deduced).

Hope it is clear (let me know if it's not), anyway we will fix it, thanks again.

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Wow, it has been a really fast, and perfectly clear answer.

I in deed checked on Source from painter, and I have again 21, and I closed the last time downloading the free ones with 16 or so.

Thank you very much!