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just wondering: why doesn't the colour version of the tile sampler have a max blending mode? is there a technical reason for that?

i.e. for Vincents grass blades tutorial ( - I am using the tile sampler instead of the fx map), it would be cool to be able to randomize colors for the individual blades

would that be a feature request?

Hey, the reason is that the tile sampler color is based on the FX-map in color mode, that does not handle max blending.

but then why do we have max blending mode in the grayscale tile sampler? how is that different? IMO, colour should be able to max blend as well as grayscale

I will take a look at the reference to understand this, thanks for the hint, Vincent
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I'll double check, but design wise it is not that simple, as you have to define what is controlling the max value.

why doesn't max blending work with colour? Is there a specific reason for that?

I looked at the tile sampler colour graph. In the fx map, blending points to the variable "blending_mode", which has values 0 and 2, for Add/Sub and Alpha Blend

not sure, why that wouldn't allow for max blending (?)

There may have been one that I don't know (yet) :-/
Anyhow i relaunched the discussion internally