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Kia ora

Is there a way to bake from the low poly AND use an existing normal or height map for detail so they blend into the new bakes?

This would be handy for doing re-colours where you don't have the high poly model and jus wish to maybe do a texture re colour or make a new optional texture set for a game model your modding and you jus want the normal and or height detail

if not maybe its a nice feature to have an option in the baker under add high poly to add normals or displacement
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Yeah, you can do this.  I did a test.

First do your bake for your base normal.  Add in or do your custom normals (drag and drop in normal map channel in materials tab or paintstroke details in height channel in a new fill layer).

When you're done you export the maps (I just use pbr metal rough config).  And import back in the combined normal map that was exported.  Drop that in a new fill layer's normal map channel and proceed with further texturing and material editing.

If you want that combined normal as the new base normal (to update the curvatures, AO, etc.) do another texture bake.  Drop the combined normal map in its own slot but turn off the normal map bake check box before running the bake. If I remember correctly, you should also have the lowpoly mesh as hipoly source check box turned off.

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