Author Topic: .sbsar from Designer slowly computes strokes into Painter  (Read 691 times)


when I import a .sbsar material I created (totally procedurally) in Designer into Painter's shelf, every stroke I make on the mesh is very slowly computed. On paint mode it kind of does ok, but when in projection mode, it is really slow and has to compute every stroke I make before I see it applied on the model, which may take a few seconds.

I don't have have this problem with the other pre-packaged materials in Painter, despite my .sbsar weighting only 7 Ko. It has 5 channels: Base Color / Normal / Roughness / Metallic / Height.

What may be causing this?

Make sure your substance's size setting is set to relative to parent x1 in Designer before exporting.

Hi Jeremie,

My substance in Designer was already set as relative to parent x1.

But all the noises and patterns I used as a base to build up the substance were set to parent x4.
So I tried putting them all as absolute 1024x1024 and re-tried importing in Painter and that solved my problem.


All your noises should be set to Relative to Parent too. As a general rule, you should probably never change the parent resolution of the graph or the noises other than in very specific cases, it avoids ending up with super high resolutions like you had previously, as it can cause slow downs and even crashes.

Oh I meant the instanced noises that start the chain are absolute, not the ones in the middle obtained by blending, which I agree should be set to parent.