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Ever since the upgrade from SD6 to "SD 2017" the material definition keeps resetting to metallic roughness workflow every time I reopen SD, this is really annoying to someone working in spec/gloss workflow.

I think I have the same issue you have.
I've noticed that SD 2017 isn't saving my Material settings for the 3D viewer.  When I have exited and reopen Substance Designer, my Material>Default>Definitions>physically_metallic_roughness> is back at Parallax Occlusion rather than Tesselation.

It's really frustrating to have to set it each time I work on the same graph. I can understand if it's at parallax as a default setting for a new graph, and you should set it once for each graph.

Please help. :)

Hi guys,

You can change your default shader for spec/gloss in your preferences.
Got 'Edit' in the top menu, then go to 'projects'. Here you can change the default shader. This way you will always start with the one you chose.
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Hi there!
That's not quite the issue I'm having.
This is for any graph i make in Substance Designer now. Even if I open one from 6.0.3 and save it in 2017.

It's actually that in the 3D View, when I adjust the Materials>Default>Definitions>
I'm attaching a LICEcap for this example.
What I'm showing in the capture, step by step, to clarify is:
1. I open the
2. I go to the 3D View window, and change the Materials>Default>Definititions>physically_metallic_roughness> to Tessellation (*the default is Parallax Occlusion*).
3. I then go to the 3D View settings window, and change the Tessellation Factor to 512 and the Scale to 3.
4. You can see the difference in the 3D View window.
5. Save the .sbs
6. Close the .sbs
7. Keeping Substance Designer open, open the
8. It retained the 3D View >Tessellation definition and the Factor of 512 and Scale of 3.
9. Exit Substance Designer completely.
10. Open
11. In the 3D View window, the Materials definition is set back to the Parallax Occulusion. Bummer! I want it to open up to view with Tessellation and the Tessellation settings I had just changed it to.
12. If I change the definition to Tessellation, even the details is set back to Tessellation Factor of 4 and Scale of 0.

I would like to be able to save the .sbs and retain my 3D View settings, rather than going through the hassle of having to set it again each time I open it.

Thank you very much for attention to this!  :)

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I did find out from the Discord channel that the settings can be saved by selecting "Create 3D Resource from Current Scene" in the 3D View menu.
That is good, but it would be MUCH more awesome if there were an option to not only select whether it's "physically_specular_glossiness" or "physically_metallic_roughness", but also whether it's "Parallax Occlusion" or "Tessellation".
Then, at least, when we go to set that for new graphs, we would only need to click Materials>Default>Edit rather than the longer thread of commands.

Hi all,

We are discussing about this and we will try see what we can do to improve preferences system.
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I am still facing the same issue described above. Is there an update?


Any progress on this?
I'd ideally like to save material and mesh settings per substance graph, but even being able to save the material settings as default would be a great help. As of now it seems whenever I open a graph I need to reset the DirectX normal switch as well as tessalation settings :D

(Unless I'm completely missing a menu item somewhere :D )


The management of Materials has been reworked in our latest release (10.1 / 2020.1).

This involves the Scene files (SBSSCN) and Scene Resources, which now should take into account every setting in the 3D View, including the current Material and all its settings.

This update means you should refresh or create new SBSSCN files or Scene resources to restore a specific 3D View scene and materials.
This is done in the Scene menu of the 3D View panel. Give these options a try!

Feel free to get back to us if you need further details on this feature.
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Thank you for the reply, Luca! All help is appreciated!  :D
It seems I'm either missing something or there might be a bug somewhere.

I get somewhat erratic results, but saving current scene as default only seems to work on next reboot, until i switch to a different graph than the first one, at which point it resets and I have to reapply the material settings. I have created a 3d resource as per the menu item at an earlier point, which keeps the settings, but also the material assignment, which means that I have to create a separate 3d resource for every graph. That would work as a workaround for the time being, but most of the time I'm unable to create a 3d resource though, as I'm not getting the expected dialog box after clicking the menu item. ( I may be remembering incorrectly, but I believe I have gotten a dialog box here before :D )

Here is a longwinded (sorry) screencap (quickly edited away some loading times, renders and such):

What is happening of note in the screencap:
- After saving default the first time, I get the rounded cube instead of the plane and all settings reset after a restart.
- After saving as default the second time it works after a restart, but only until I switch to a different graph, at which point it resets material settings, but keeps the plane.
- When clicking the "Create 3d Resource..." menu item nothing happens. I can save to a .SBSSCN file though.

I'm on 10.1.1 as far as I can tell.
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Hi, I am using the latest version of Substance Designer (2020.1.3) and using the Substance Designer Scene Configuration file (.sbsscn). I am still having to set some parameters manually every time I open designer by hand.

Some settings do save, such as the fact I want it to default to Plane (high-res) and tesselation enabled.

Unfortunately, the settings found within physically_metallic_roughness/Tesselation do not seem to save within there. Including but not limited to: Tesselation Factor / Scale and Tiling, which I have to reset manually on reopening SD.

Am I missing something -- is there a way to store these settings as part of the .sbsscn file? Thanks for getting back to me.

Hello and @marcandre

Thank you both for the detailed reports!

An issue indeed exists where some material properties – such as Height Scale, Tessellation Factor, Tiling... – would not be carried over when switching graphs. We are internally assessing this problem, and appreciate your patience in the meantime.

That being said, during my testing on version 2020.1.3 (10.1.3), I was able to successfully retrieve all custom values from the default SBSSCN file when starting a new 3D View for the first time after launching Substance Designer.
I suggest recreating the SBSSCN file in the 2020.1.3 (10.1.3) release and trying to reproduce your issues.

I however encountered an issue when the default SBSSCN file uses a custom environment map. I will investigate this further.

Thank you for your help!

Best regards,
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