Author Topic: import Vray converted maps back into Painter's PBR Metallic Roughness template  (Read 1110 times)

I lost my latest version of a Substance Painter file due to a bad archive and essentially was set back by 3 days of work as a result.  I'm using the default PBR - Metallic Roughness (allegorithmic) template and then converting to Vray UDIM's at export to Maya/Vray.

My only solution at this point seems to be getting my file back to the last round of notes in review by re-importing my latest texture exports back into the file and plug them back into Substance Painter's Material channels.

My questions are:
Is there a way to automagically re-import the Vray UDIM maps and have the ior, reflection color, and reflection gloss maps converted back to the Metallic Roughness material (without having to manually invert maps), how is the ior derived in this conversion?

Also, do I have to manually rename the .UDIM's to _UDIM's to import the resources as textures, or does Substance Painter have a way to handle this for you?

thanks in advance