Author Topic: 16 months worth of Consecutive Transactions = $49 Substance license w/no updates  (Read 684 times)


If I have a grand total of 16 monthly accumulated/payment transactions will I still have to pay for the additional $49 to own a perpetual license despite the extra 4 months equaling $76, or will the $49 be taken out of the four months that had been paid for? i"m asking because I was literally at the point of purchasing B2M3, SD6, and SP 2.5 via the "old system", which would have been a total of $305-319, and didn't want to purchase them separately just in-case if there were a software update, and to avoid paying the additional $75 to upgrade them "as of right now". Would I still have to pay for the extra $49 to purchase them "now" which would make me pay $351, or would the $49 be taken out of the consecutive transactions which would be $289 with an extra $19 to spare?
Also my request # is (34831) and it's been 48 hours.
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I replied to your ticket on the contact form, sorry for the delay.

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