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Hey guys, this is my new personal project based on the Belle`s Cottage from the classic Disney`s animation "Beauty and the Beast". As I wanted to improve my skills as environment\asset artist, I haven't used any scan or pre-made models. The house and stones I made the base mesh in Maya then went to Zbrush to detail. The Bark and the foreground wooden fence were made in Substance Designer. The vegetation\flowers I made direclty inside Maya and for the treetops I used SpeedTree. All the textures are mainly made in Substance Painter.

Please make sure to check it in 4k resolution:

Also make sure to check more details in my Artstation:

I hope you like it!

One of my favorite movies, and you did it justice.
Beautifully done.  :)

I really enjoy seeing the "behind-the-scenes" images too.  Thanks.
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Simply wonderful!

The mood is just spot on. Great job.

Very impressive! Looks amazing great job!

Thank you so much guys! :D

Hello, I would like to ask the author or viewers about the workflow process. I'm very new to substance and I would like to understand how is this done. This is impressive work to say the least.

1. I see that stones have been created as individual meshes, were they exported and sculpted in Zbrush individually or as a one single mesh? For example, did you or do you just export the entire house to Zbrush and just sculpt over everything at the same time or how does it work?

2. Roof tiles were also modeled individually as seen in the images (because at first I thought they were entirely made as substance material), but how were they painted in SP as they have individual UVs? Do roof tiles have one single UV they share or? I'm asking because I see that green color on top of red tiles appears very natural, so I'm curious how is this done.

Thank you
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