Author Topic: Brush stutter when painting 3D[PC Config on post]  (Read 951 times)

I'm facing stutter and jitter movement of the brush when i'm painting, someone know why? I tried to put everything on low and everything on high, doesn't appear to be the problem as i have a pretty good PC i think, it's not the best out there but here is my Specs

Windows Version: 10
CPU: Core i5 7400 7° generation
GPU Onboard: intel 630
GPU Discrete: Nvidia GTX 1060 GDDR5 6GB
M Ram: DDR4 16GB 2133GHZ
Storage: SSD 512GB Kingston

Since i bought this PC, i'm surprised that everything runs on max settings 60fps up to 1080p, and 30fps up to 4k. So, i think it isn't my PC, i don't have a log file because substance painter didn't crashed, it doesn't lag too, the brush doesn't appear to lag, it just teleport when i'm painting, that kind of teleportation i describe and i think i'm pretty sure that it is Stutter. Maybe i need Vsync? I don't know, appear to be 60fps. Thanks!

Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Please attach your log file :

i'm sorry, here we go, i don't know if i have to do something to unleash the substance power, but i'm painting in 2k on a model with less than 600 triangles, a really low poly Sofa. Thanks!