Author Topic: Published .sbsar file bakes out at 0kb  (Read 982 times)

Hello!  I searched the boards but I didn't have any luck finding anything similar to my problem.  I made 3 substances for an art test and 2 of them, when published into .sbsar files are 0 kb and do not function.  Originally I was working in SD6 but then moved to SD2017 after 6 locked up from tweaking Iray settings.  This happened midway through my 2nd substance and the third was completely native to SD2017. 

I'm not sure but I'm guessing this is where my problem came from.  I haven't been able to figure out the issue after picking through my graphs. 

The log files attached are for both of the broken substances, I hope you guys can help me figure it out!

Hey, do you mind sharing your sbs as well?
Is the output computation of your graph set to "true"?

Definitely!  And yes, output computation is set to true.

Er, forgot the other one too.  Thanks for taking a look Vincent! 


...Actually I don't think I can attach the other one -- is there a limit on file size?  It's 907KB...
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Weird: it works for me in SD 2017.1.2, but I get an error in Substance Player.
I'll create an issue for the QA team to look at it.

edit: with the latest version of Substance Player, it works as well.
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I sent you a mail regarding your problem !
QA Analyst

Hi Celine and Vincent!  I ended up having to reinstall SD because it wouldn't open to test your scripts and after I did, the issue seemed to be fixed from that.  Next time I run into problems I can't figure out, I'll try that before hitting up the forums again.  Thank you both very much for your time and help!  :)

You are welcome ;)