Author Topic: Hard to paint the underside of models  (Read 1402 times)

This is a lighting issue with a lot of skyboxes. When I'm rotating around the model to paint, there are times where it's difficult to see what I'm doing no matter how I rotate the environment. This is in part due to the low light hitting the height mapping on a model. It can be aggravating especially when masking off sections of a baked normal map.

I've run into this difficulty in just about every single project.

I don't know if this has already been requested, but some ability to light the bottom of a model, or quickly flip the environment map upside-down, would be extremely helpful!

Thanks :3

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Hey, we'll if we can come with a solution ;)

Being able to rotate the environment map on more than just the vertical axis would be very handy.

I have also grown fond of a suggestion I saw about a week(?) ago.  I apologize for not remembering the person who said it.

Have a "flashlight" light that is essentially attached to the camera. It must be easily toggled on/off.  That way you could always have a light that shines directly on whatever is in front of you.  If you rotate to see the bottom, and it's dark, just turn on your flashlight.

There may be more elegant solutions, and I know the flashlight would have the limitation of always shining straight ahead of you (line-of-sight) so it might not be a complete solution, but it's easy to conceptualize and visualize what it does.
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