Author Topic: How to bake with seperate settings in the new baker?  (Read 2195 times)

Hey Substance Team,

after a restart today, steam updated my substance designer. so far so good. But i ran quickly into the first issue.
In the version before, i had the possibilty to bake multiple maps with different settings.

like my Color Map from Mesh "use Low as HD" and Normal Map without that button set to true.
After the update i don't see a possibity to do that. Do i need to bake every map single now?

greetz and thanks for you great work as always :)

Hi Spaehling,

The option 'use low as high' is in the middle of the interface. It's commun for all bakers.
In Bakers list, add your bakers. You can override each parameters just clicking on them and choosing the value (green highlight in the picture below)   
Hope it will help you :)
QA Analyst

Hey Celine,

thank you, but i think we had maybe a little missunderstanding here. I saw also the options you showed me.
But if you check my Screenshots in the Attachment, my problem comes out maybe a little bit more clear.

1. Normal Map + Use Highpoly
2. Normal + Use Lowpoly as High
3. Color Map + Use Highpoly
4. Color Map + Use Lowpoly as High

i want to bake Picture "1 and 2" together. But doesn't work anymore
With the new baker its just possible for me to bake "2 and 4" or "1 and 3".

Before the update, it was possible. Iam not able to click "use low as High defintion" seperate for each Map.
In the old baker it was no problem. It allowed me to bake my Normal Map with using the Highpoly
and bake my Color ID map with the LowPoly. Now i just can bake either one. Not both together

I hope you get what i mean? :) I miss the button who was there before. "Use seperate settings" or something. I tried to open the non update SD version on my other computer, but steam forces me to do the update.
anway :)

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Hi Spaehling,

Sorry for the missunderstanding, this time I understand what you mean.
No, you can't override this option in the new bakers.
We supposed that if you use the option 'use low as high' it means you don't have a high poly.
And if you have a high poly, you probably would use it for all your maps.

If you want to use both, you have to do this separately.

QA Analyst

Hm thats are bad news.

Imagine you have an high polly for the normal bake and the low poly (id) for the Color bake. Now its not possible anymore.
Is there any chance to get back to the old baker or add the functionality again, cause its cost some time i want to save. everything takes so long, iam happy to save every second i can. :-/
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I support the request to put this feature back. Substance Designer is for crazy things, and you can't really foretell what bake configuration would be necessary. Being able to override settings for each bake separately was a huge boon.  ::)

I support this request, too.

I support this request, too.

me too! make no sence to delete this checkbox, especially if you had diferent parameters to bake... now we have a software wich is downgradet!

sure we can now use the new skew_fix option but not all textures have only 16 faces...
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