Author Topic: Cycle through unlit maps in 3D View  (Read 18521 times)

Not the easiest workflow, but you have the mesh info shaders available under material definition in the 3d viewport.

I developed a workaround that allows you to use the keyboard number keys to select which map to display.

The attached zip contains a modified Multi Switch graph.

Drag an instance into your graph.
In the Instance Parameters, set the number of inputs and connect your map outputs to the node.

Right-click on it and select "Reset and view in 3D view", then select "Base Color/Diffuse".

Right-click on it and go to "View output in 3D view".
Select "SpecularLevel" and assign it to "Specular Level". This removes highlights.

Right-click on it and go to "View output in 3D view".
Select "Environment" and assign it to "Latitude/Longitude Panorama". This produces uniform lighting.

Zoom in to the area of your model that you want to examine.
In the Instance Parameters, use the "Channels" drop-down list to select a channel.
Use the keyboard number keys to switch channels. The list has to be active in order to use the keyboard.
If you click anywhere else in the interface, you will have to select the list again.
Produce more accurate Iray renders:

with any mesh specific masks this would be invaluable.


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This would be great!

+1. I'd love to see this.

Seems like an obvious and somewhat basic addition, if it felt like it was useful enough to add to painter why wound't it be just as useful in designer?

Feel free to use uservoice ;)