Author Topic: Cycle through unlit maps in 3D View  (Read 22028 times)

When creating materials, I find it very valuable to compare the various maps to make sure they are consistent. For example, does the dirt in the albedo line up exactly with the pits in the normalmap?

I can click on the output maps and view them in the 2D View, but this is a bit akward (lots of clicking) and I cannot compare it with the exact same place in the shaded 3D View.

It would be super useful if there was a shortcut key makes the 3D View cycle through the flat and unlit maps. Then I could zoom in the right place in the 3D view, and press a button to cycle through the maps like this:

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Like the "C" (for "Channel") hotkey in Substance Painter (with "M" to return to the "material" view)?

That sounds cool.
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Yes, like in the Substance Painter, will be cool idea.

I haven't used Substance Painter much, good to hear something like this is already implemented in Painter. That hopefully means it should be easy to add to Substance Designer as well?

I didn't know I wanted this.

Bumping this. I ran into a situation today where I could really use this.

+1 for this. I was surprised to discover this wasn't in Designer by default either xD

I would also be a fan of this.
This would be super useful when you're adjusting parameters or creating presets for your materials/filters and want to cycle through your maps without having to get out of your input parameters.

+1.   Should be there from day one.    After all those years SD is still tremendously  inconvenient.    We just have no other choice really

+1.  A must.

+1, Agreed!

+1 I love this feature in Painter and I didn't know I wanted this in designer until now!


Does anyone know if allegorithmic has seen this?
This feature would be very helpful.