Author Topic: don't see Substance Painter 2017.1 under my licenses/downloads - only up to 2.61  (Read 1520 times)

I recently subscribed to substance (about 2 weeks ago - previously owned lic. for Substance Painter 1 and designer 5)

I am using  Painter 2.6.1 and confused about why under the app's update it says I have the latest version. I don't see 2017.1 in my downloads/license page. I was trying to complete a tutorial for painter and it was using a filter that apparently was only available in the 2017.1 release.
Do I need to do something more to get this release?

Also, I see on the top of the application that it says 16 days remaining - I am set up to pay each month via paypal -so I assume SP automatically resets this each month once getting the payment?

You should see a Substance Painter item in your account, that's the new version.
You don't see the update in 2.6.1 because of the change in licensing, but all will be back to normal once you install the new Substance Painter.

Sorry - just found it, I didn't realize there were 2 s. painter downloads, one for substance painter 2... and another for just substance painter (below it) which I thought was for even earlier versions and not the 2017 which it was...