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Hello everyone.  I have been puzzling over this one for at least 3 hours.  I cant figure out why, but my bakes are failing. No reason that I can find, so I'm asking the large community for help.

I'm making a 3 UDIM set of geometry.  The error is:
[Baking] Baking failed

Thats it. It gives me nothing to work on.  My setting are default too.  Geometry is simple, nothing complex, generated in modo.  Ive tried objs, fbx, even slamming everything into one tile.  Baking errors happen each and every time.  The error is never specified, but the normals, ID, Ambient occlusion and thickness stay black.  World Space, Curvature, and position are the only maps that bake.

Thanks a ton guys!

Please attach a log file and the meshes you are using if possible.

I wish I could! Not possible due to NDA restrictions :(  Any ideas based on what I have provided?

Can you try baking with the 2017.1 version (the trial version is enough) ? The error message should be more explicit.
Otherwise, it's impossible to guess what is the problem with the lack of information.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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So... something interesting... in my desperation I began to trial and error the bake... testing different check boxes on/off.  Baking error still occur, but by turning "relative to bounding box" check box OFF, a workable bake resulted.  Not perfect, there is still an issue, but I dont exactly follow what this option during the bake does.  Does anyone know?