Author Topic: Cannot activate Substance Designer 2017  (Read 1452 times)

Hi! I'm facing a small issue. I have downloaded and installed the new 2017 version but when I try to activate the software with my substance account, it says that there is no valid license linked to my account. Also, the substance designer license doesn't show up in my license list. Under my licenses list I only see Painter 1/2 and 2017 (which works fine), B2M2/3 and batch tools. Substance designer 6 works fine however, it indicates I have 14 days left until next payment.

So how can I activate Substance Designer 2017? Is it normal that designer doesn't show up in my licenses list anymore?  ???
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I am having this same issue.  :-\
3D art is magic.

Same thing here.
I suppose this is a temporary issue, so I'll go ahead and just trial it while my license appears in my account.

Hi all,

Can you send your log file, please ?
In Designer go to 'Help'->'export log file'
We will investigate on this issue

Thanks !

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Here you go. Two of my indie licenses showed up on my account and SD is now firing up.

My pro account didn't get updated with SD 2017.1 (even though it did with Substance Painter 2017.1)... I'm not sure why.

*um nevermind. I swear my eyes are fooling me. Painter 2017.1 is no longer on my pro license or I misread it to begin with 0_0.
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3D art is magic.

Just checked and sure enough, the license is there now. ;D

Yup same here, the licenses are there.  8) Topic solved.