Author Topic: Help on Bent normal Bake in SD  (Read 3701 times)

Can anyone tells me what are those baker parameters do?
bent normal map has to be from mesh?  I tried to load my low poly and add high poly map onto the high definition meshes section and it baked out very bad.

What does bent normal do btw.  My colleague suggest me to bake a bent normal map to fix some reflection issues when the light isn't hitting the object.  I wonder what is the mechanic behind it.  I've read a lot of documents about it and it seems like bent normal = tangent normal + AO.   But it doesn't seem that way from other bent normal i saw.  If AO adding tangent space that I 'll see black.  But i don't.  Wonder why

Did you have your your vertex colour on your mesh?
If you dont have vertex colour on your mesh the bakes turn out black.
Also best to use fbx file format.
See links below and download the mesh to see how good the bake turns out when you have the vertex colour on your mesh.,656.msg2636.html#msg2636,718.msg2906.html#msg2906