Author Topic: Bake bigger seams?  (Read 1809 times)

Is there any way to beef up the size of the seams on my baked maps without lowering my resolution? I am trying to create edge wear using Painters generators, and my seams correspond to where I want my edgewear to go on my curvature map that I bake in SD, its just that at 4k the seams are so thin that the generators need to be cranked up to full effect before I see any effects at all.

Hey filmedinsource,

you should edit the baking settings for the curvature map.

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Which settings, because I have tried changing every setting there is for curve maps. Seam intensity simply makes the seams more bold, it doesnt make them bigger and changing the detail setting puts curvature where there shouldnt be, and none at all on the actual hard edges I want it to be on.