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1. Hello, tell me now, Substance Painter will be distributed by the system of subscriptions, i.e. you have to buy every year a new subscription? Or this only applies to the 2017 version as this state of Affairs in Substance Painter 2?

2. Can Substance Painter 2 steam version, upgrade to a 2017 release?

Thank you!
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You can purchase Substance Painter, which gives you 12 months of maintenance.
After this maintenance period, you keep your software, and you can purchase a new maintenance for $75.
This is a perpetual license, not a subscription.

This works in the same way on Steam: if you purchase Substance Painter 2 on Steam, you get the new 2017.1 version.

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Thanks for the reply! Purchased in the Substance Indie Pack on Steam, all is well!
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