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Hi Everyone,

So just a small feature request - how hard could it be???  :P

Any chance you brainacs at Allegorithmic can figure out how to tile a texture along an SVG path with an animatable offset so that we could simulate texture flow along an arbitrary line?

I would love to see something like this. It doesn't seem like a trivial task to me, but would certainly be helpful in achieving a wide variety of effects.

This would be great for me because my workflow relies heavily on automatically generated UVs for my models, and each time I export an updated mesh my UV layout changes. So I cannot rely on a static layout and thus am limited to how i can isolate shapes and lines to form directional effects on my textures. This would solve that problem.. one can dream right? ;-)

Sounds great :-)
It is the advanced version of deform texture (pattern or other input) along a spline (path).
I delete my idea at the idea posting website from allegorithmic and comment another idea post with nearly same idea.

Here you can go to it:

Another Idea to add a Spline at each side of the bitmap. The form of the spline move the pixel, shrink, grow, and/or cut the bitmap.

I think it is good for walking paths, bricks and maybe really good for transform the patterns to the uv-mesh!

Maybe the Splines animateable.
And what you want to animateable the offset :-)

Really great idea for liquids, too!
Or for conveyor belt!
Or to simulate ather movements...

What do you thinking about?
Here are my opinions how can the spline deformer works:
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this would be super aweomse! have we seen any updates on this?


Wouldn't this be similar to having a bezier curve resampled down to x amount of points? If so, it's similar to this request:,16066.0.html

Houdini curve resampling for example: