Author Topic: [SOLVED] SafeTransform node does not tile when Transform2D involved  (Read 2808 times)

I've already submitted a bug report regarding this issue from within Substance Designer. Since the submit button behaves strange I do not know if it ever reached you.
So here it is as a forums post and illustrated by this gif:

As you can see the Safe Transform node does not correctly tile the image when it went through a Transform2D node before that was set to Absolute: No Tiling.
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This is because your transform 2s is set to no tiling, and tiling on your safe transform is set relative to input.
Set the tiling mode of your safe transform to absolute and enable h and v tiling.

Oh boy, it didn't occur to me that the tiling was also relative to the parents. Thx, that solves the problem. So no bug, sorry for that.

No worries. The simplest things are usually the easiest to overlook ;)