Author Topic: Isosceles trapezoids shape making.  (Read 1964 times)

Hi There

I have been using substance designer for a while. So far I made good progress. However, I recently come cross an obstacle in making Isosceles trapezoid shape with a gradient in SD. The attached image below is made in Photoshop. 
I am wondering if anyone out there could kindly show me some tips for making this shape. Thank you. I really appreciated.

I usually make this kind of shapes by using transform node - if you hold ALT and drag one of the left/right/top/bottom handles you will skew the shape. Then you can couple it with mirror and blur.

Something like this:

Thank you Nikola. This is marvelous!

The above solution is a good one! But, if you want something that's a little more exact, I wrote a little function to allow image warping like this... I thought it might be useful. For example, you could avoid having a hot-spot in the middle, it would be an even gradient up and down.

Cool stuff! Thanks..