Author Topic: Wood Panel Walls?  (Read 2655 times)

For some reason today my brain decided to shut itself off.  Ha ha!  I'm looking to create variations of wood panel walls such as the image link below. The more I think about it the more frustrated I get.  I'm just looking for height info tips to build from that.

I recently bought Substance Tools, "Panel and Vent Maker" very happy with this. I think its perfect for what you want to do and very inexpensive $7.50. Best thing is it works in SD.

This is an excellent sort of pattern to build in SD. There's a number of steps involved in something like this, from what I can see, but the first is to make a mask for one of the panels. I'd separate it into horizontal wood and vertical, and generate a pattern with either tile generators or with blends with the crop settings set carefully to get the horizontal pieces on the bottom (maybe interpret black as h, white as v)

the height mask could be generated by a shape generator, set to Brick, and made more interesting through a greyscale Gradient Map. Then these both could go through a Tile Generator or Tile Random, with whichever you use cloned to generate a version with just blank squares and random luminosity, and another with the heightmask reproduced the same way.

Then you'll have to make (or download from Substance Share) a nice wood grain substance. Offset it using Directional Warp, controlled by the random luminosity tile generator, make another like it, but rotated 90 degrees first, and blend them together using the black and white "h vs v" mask.