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I'm using the new Scan Processing tools, but I'm fighting with the Multi-Crop tool. The tutorials clearly shows an option called "Show Crop Area", but it is not present in my options. Same goes with the Multi-clone tool, it doesn't seem to do anything edit: that seems to be working but I can't see the clone target/source.. I'm using Windows version I noticed someone else had this issues on this forum but there was no answer that post. I can see the option in "expose parameters" but that doesn't really do anything even if I expose the parameter and change the option.
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Hey, I'm not sure to follow you: there not a target option with the crop tool: you just have to plug the input of the map you want to crop.

I'm just trying to follow the tutorials on your site, and he mentions the option and you can see the option in the video. But if you look at my screenshot in the first post, the option isn't there. If you look at the screenshot below and the video at this timestamp, he's talking about the "show crop area".

Ha true: it may have been removed between the tutorial and the release.
I'll double check.

indeed it has been removed.

So is the option coming back or what's the workaround for this now? It appears that option let you see the original image you're trying to crop, now I just see the final result of the crop and it's incredibly difficult to adjust. I can't find any documentation about this either.

I'm also not seeing the options "show patch area" in material clone patch as seen here:

Has that been removed as well? If so, how do I see the show patch area now?

I was excited about these features as they would be super helpful for a project I'm working on, but it's been super frustrating trying to follow a fairly recent tutorial that tell you to use a these options that are no longer present and then have my question on this forum about the missing options ignored for weeks. Even a simple annotation on the youtube video saying the option isn't there would save your customers a lot of time looking for something that doesn't exist.

yes same problem , how we do to see the cropped version ?

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you can double click on one of the output pins