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I'll try to explain this succinctly.

I installed Designer 6.0.3 on my Windows 10 machine.

When I opened it, the library and 3d view were completely empty.

In preferences, no library directory was defined. That seemed strange. I had to manually add the default /resources/packages/ directory. The application default shaders and environment map directories (Allegorithmic/Substance Designer 6/shaders/) did not exist. The actual shaders are in /resources/view3d/shaders/, I had to manually connect those too.

I spent about half an hour hunting down the locations of all the resources and trying to hook them up in preferences.

Some things though still don't work. The rounded cube and rounded cylinder don't appear as options in my 3D view. I found out this is because Designer is actually looking for Allegorithmic/Substance Designer 6/shapes/ (a directory that doesn't exist) instead of /Substance Designer 6/resources/view3d/shapes/, where they are actually stored. When I copied the /shapes/ folder to the applications root directory, and restarted designer, they appeared in my 3d view list.

Still, when I open any file I made in previous versions of designer, it asks me to manually reconnect every single dependency in the file. Perlin Noise, Linear Gradients, Black and White Spots... everything, multiple times. I have already established a link the resources folder and all of these packages appear in my browser, but now it wants me to manually navigate to select them every time I open a file? This seems incredibly redundant, like something isn't working the way it is supposed to.

I'm worried more things in the application aren't working the way they're supposed to because substance seems to be looking in the wrong places for things. This definitely seems like a bug.


As an update, I can't figure out where substance is trying to look for packages, but it's affecting my entire library. Thumbnails won't generate because substances with other dependencies can't find them. It's a big mess, and I don't have time to go in and reconnect all of these hundreds of dependencies individually.

Normally the path to default ressources is automatically deducted based on the the .exe location when you  launch SD. And normally the folder organization in the installation directory is always the same and defined by the installer.

So I suspect the file organization on your hard drive is not what it's supposed to be. Maybe you've installed  SD multiple times and you installed it in a custom location?

Can you try to completely uninstall SD then delete the installtion folder, and install it again using the default path?
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 Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for the reply!

I had used the default directory when installing (/Program Files/Allegorithmic/), but when I looked at the directory I noticed that Painter had installed itself at the root. When I moved the painter files to a separate directory and reinstalled designer, that seemed to resolve the problems!