Author Topic: Unable to open from/export to our server [SOLVED]  (Read 1283 times)

We're having issues working with Substance Painter with our Windows server. Whenever we try to open an FBX that's on the server we get the log message [Scene 3D] Failed to load 3D scene. and "Unable to open file "file path and name".

When we try to export our textures to the server we get the message [MapExporter] Could not save "file path and name".

We are however able to save and open projects from the server.

If we save the FBX locally or try to export locally it works flawlessly, so we know there's nothing wrong with the files themselves.

We have also tried to do this from several different computers, and several different versions of Substance Painter.

How do we fix this? What else can we try?



This has been solved as I found this link:

I can't seem to delete this post, but for anyone not looking for this solution themselves; you can ignore this post.
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