Author Topic: Mesh from 4R8 won't bake by names in Painter  (Read 1202 times)

Hey all!
I have a low and high poly I have been testing and trying to bake correctly. The name matching won't work coming out of Zbrush, even though the OBJ is named (I imported into Maya to check) and has the _high_ZBrushPolyMesh3D in the name when imported into Maya. I then tested by deleting that _ZBrushPolyMesh3D in Maya and re-exporting an OBJ from Maya. The name matching worked then, but the funny thing is, when I import that new mesh into Maya, it still says _high_Mesh. So why is Painter picking up the _high_Mesh and not the _high_ZBrushPolyMesh3D?

Very frustrated and any help would be great!
Thank you.
For some reason I can't upload my meshes. Has anyone tried experienced this from Zbrush yet?