Author Topic: Is my workflow for SD to fbx/Unity5 correct?  (Read 1524 times)

I import a mesh, it is about 10 different materials.

I make a graph for each material.

when ready I export output as bitmap for each material.

now I have 40 bitmaps, 10 diffuse, 10 normal, 10 rough, 10 metal.
I have to spend 1 day layering the bitmaps in the correct order in Gimp.

the final game ready mesh will only have 1 material, so having to stitch all of these together is hard work, even Blender doesnt have this problem.

Why cant SD export all the materials into 4 bitmap/bakes?
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Hello oeales
Before I go and build something you don't need, what exactly are you trying to do?

A) Attempting to compile 10 different sets (10x Albedo, Normal, Rough, Metal) into a single atlas.
B) Attempting to get Unity to use these textures in 10 different Standard shader materials?

Either one of these are easily solved, but before I build a solution to a non-existent problem, I thought I should check exactly what problem you are having.

You may want to read up on how to make a color bake in your 3d software.

The steps you want to take are something along this line:
Give different parts of your mesh different materials, like you have been doing.
Give each of these materials a distinct different color.
Copy your mesh and give the whole thing a single material.
use the multi colored mesh to bake colors on to the material of the other mesh. This should result in a single texture with a bunch of colored islands that represent the different materials.
Export the texture you just made. You can use the color to mask node in designer to create a mask from each individual color.
Export the mesh with a single material as fbx to use in substance and in unity.