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Hello guys !

Everything is in the title :)

Is the texture below doable in SD, and how would you approach it ?

Thank you in advance

The short answer is, "Yes, it is doable."  :)

I'm 95% novice, but my initial thoughts for "how" are:
a) Start with the "screen" (horizontal/vertical lines), maybe via one of the tile nodes (with very small tiles).  Or you could use other nodes to make stripes.  Many options.
b) Then add a warp node to make the lines wavy
c) Lastly I'd add the blotches to the height channel to make the flat areas

That's pretty vague, I know, but I'm not sitting at my fun computer right now.  There are many ways of doing this, so someone else will have other (possibly better) ways of approaching it, but hopefully it points you in a plausible direction.


I tried my hand at it.  I got a nice start (before being interrupted with "family time").  The results are very promising.  I'll post more info later.
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This is simply a rough start, but I'm pleased with it as a proof-of-concept.

> Waffle pattern with curvature = 10 minutes or less
> The flat areas = 5 minutes or less
> Color and roughness = 5 minutes or less

For under 20 minutes of effort, it's a reasonable start I think.  The "flat areas" are not sophisticated at all, and they don't tend to fill the squares like in your pictures.  Someone more proficient with Designer could quickly do a much better job at it than I did... and if you have the desire, you'll get there too.

I have good intentions of giving you a summary of my graph, but no promises.


- Tile generator
- Gradient
- Warp
- 2D Transform (rotated 90-degrees)
- Invert gray scale
- Blur (just a touch)

- Perlin noise
- Another Perlin noise
- Blend (multiply)
- Levels (to make the flat areas more sudden and distinct)

- Blend (blend mode "Add (Linear Dodge)" and lowered the opacity a bit on the blend node)

- Normal node (and then send it to the Normal output)

- Levels (I flipped black/white on the output, and played with the white/mid/black and min/max settings)

- Color (plain black, non-metallic)

- Sort of brownish (a bit too green in the screenshot, I improved it some in the larger image)

Your turn.  :)

I played with it a little bit more, so one more picture, just for fun...
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Waouh ! I don't know what to say :) Thank you for your time and for the very detailed description ...
I hope you had fun testing, at least,

I will follow your instructions and come back when I have something showable

The result of the last screenshot is very nice, it will be perfect for me if I succeed recreating it !

Thanks again mate !

I'm glad you enjoyed it.  :)

After my quick-and-dirty 20-minute experiment, I kept playing with it.  The two main changes are:
1 - I increased the number of tiles (X=45, Y=64) to make a finer-grained pattern.
2 - Tiled the Gradient to "2" to make the waviness better (I did that before I made the close-up image in my previous post, but now shown in my close-up of the graph).

I also played with the noises (replaced a Perlin noise with a cloud), played with the blends, modified the way I rotated the blend, etc. etc.  Mostly a bunch of random stuff, playing/practicing/learning/exploring, having fun.

Keep in mind I'm still 90% novice in many ways.  I remember how difficult it was to make my first all-on-my-own substance.  Now I spend most of my time looking for something I remember seeing in a tutorial 5 months ago, or randomly playing with various knobs and settings because I'm not really sure how they all work or interact together.

I'm would not be surprised at all if you surpass my humble skills in the near future.  I hope you do.  Have fun!  :)

As long as I've gone this far, I might as well go the rest of the way and share the .sbs file with you.
  I hope you're on Designer v6.0.3 (latest update) since that is what I saved it on.  (I have a v5 copy of the file, but it's less finished, but let me know if that's what you need.)  Enjoy!
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