Author Topic: Unable to bake maps from High Poly mesh in zBrush using the 'Match by Mesh Name'  (Read 2261 times)

Hi!I'm having a problem with substance painter's baking. I tried baking using the match by mesh name feature but it always gives me the following results:

[Scene 3D] 3D scene successfully loaded
[Scene 3D] Failed to load 3D scene.
bad allocation
[Baking] Baking failed (Normal Map from Mesh)
[HighPolyMesh] Unable to load scene from Url 'file:///C:/Users/valencia/Documents/Books_high.fbx'

But it will bake if i set the baker to always but will give a very terrible bake afterwards. I tried baking it in SD and is fine. I only get the problem in SP.

The high res mesh has 30 subtools (all named accordingly to the baking requirements of SP), 11.228 million points and has a file size of 3.9gb. I exported it as a .fbx file on both the high and low res mesh. I attached a screenshot of the low res mesh, hi res mesh, the UV and the Log file.

Hope you guys can help me! Thanks!  :)
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Did you try exporting as an OBJ? FBX exported from ZBrush tend to be less than reliable.

The "bad allocation" error usually means you ran out of Ram.
If your log file the swap is too low, try to fix it so see if it helps :
Otherwise, reduce the size of your HP mesh polycount.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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