Author Topic: Importing substance designer file that I created, into painter. (causing warping  (Read 3149 times)

I am trying to import this rock into substance painter so I can paint on some effects. However I am getting some serious warping and other issues. The rock has no seams in substance designer but substance painter shows a very clear seam I changed it to triplanar in painter as well.

I took the position map and the world space normal I created in substance design and tried to add them to rock and it still didnt have much of an effect on the warping of the base color. I feel like I am doing something wrong here. Is there any way to import the SBSAR file and just drop it onto the mesh in painter and have it all set up like in substance designer? Ive see so many forum posts about this already but I didn't see a question specifically like mine if someone could help me out with this Id greatly appreciate it.

If you need any information, feel free to ask. Ill be at my computer the rest of the day so ill give you whatever you need.

Could you share the sbs and sbsar file?

How would I go about uploading that?

Either on dropbox, or you can attach it to your reply here on the forum or send it to me via private message.

every time I drag and drop it says it needs to be converted to image file, do you just want me to screen shot it?

Edit* I found it but it wont let me upload.. Ill try SBS
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Hopefully this works.

If you want to bring this in Painter you want to replace these bitmap with regular color input nodes with the right usage convention so that you can plug maps in Painter directly. As it is, the bitmaps are baked in the substance and will not match in Painter unless you use the same mesh, which defeats the purpose.

Im not entirely new to substance but I am still learning so correct me if I misunderstood what you are saying. What I took from it is I basically need to create the substance in designer without any information baked. So basically just creating a new substance and having a standard bitmap picture rather then the one I get now thats warped all over because its conforming to the rock. Then just import that bitmap to painter and it should work?

Here is a modified version of your graph, I replaced the bitmaps with inputs node, this will let Painter automatically assign bakes to the inputs.