Author Topic: How asset images on Substance Source rendered?  (Read 2353 times)

Hey there,
Just start Substance live early this month. I like the way Substance Source shows each asset's default preset, I noticed all of them rendered in the same scenes setup, which to me, is a really awesome way to compare two assets on Substance Source. My question is how were those images rendered? Are those rendered in Designer? If so, is it possible to provide it as a preset in Substance designer? If not, what renderer you used for those rendering?

Hi, we are currently using Iray (outside of Substance Designer but we can of course visualise the materials in Substance Designer with the same setup) to render pictures for Substance Source.
For now we don't plan to provide it as one base scene of Substance Designer as it's the setup for "home made" rendering at Allegorithmic ( = Substance Source "look"). But we will think about it, it would probably be a good thing to provide more advanced scenes in Substance Designer.

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Thanks for the reply. and, please do consider making couple advanced scene setup for all the users. It will be a very good baseline for showing and comparing shaders.


You can download their shader ball here:

Make that your mesh in Substance Designer and render it out in iRay, it should give you the same results as long as you're using the same environment.